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Dec 24, 2012 10:00am EST
? >> there are a lot of issues i care about -- health-care disparities, environmental justice. >> you will probably take on some of these causes? >> probably so. and obviously, i care about immigration reform. i went to school with a lot of those types of individuals and continue to see many of them who are our brightest stars and want to be part of the american dream. know anyhem don't other countries. this is their home. >> will be asking him to ask questions later. but just as a bit of advice for teenage kids who want to work at the white house or be in the president's cabinet sunday, what do you say to them? >> volunteer. get involved in your community. whether you are applying for college or a job, people want to know where you put your priorities. are you volunteering for a cause or what is it you are doing? that's really important for a young people. attach yourself to other folks you want to learn from it. it's not about being in the in crowd because that changes. it's about being prepared and knowing life skills. >> were you at a popular girl? >> know. >> you are a good cut. >> yes. >> was
Dec 28, 2012 2:00pm EST
in the healthcare law to providers. 50 million people rely on this program. it benefits individuals over the age of 65. a lot of people depend on it. host: what is the current budget for medicare? guest: about $550 billion for this year. host: does that include the premiums that seniors pay? guest: what they pay it will go to the payments that will go to the doctors that care for the beneficiary. host: how much is coming out of general revenue? guest: the beneficiaries pay 25% of the program in part b. in part d, you have about 32 beneficiaries that are on the program. host: medicare is divided into four parts. part a is hospital insurance. host: how did the affordable care act change medicare? guest: it will take $716 billion away from medicare providers. the payments will still grow. providers of care will see their reimbursements decrease. beneficiaries receive some new services. they will get some help if they are enrolled in the drug program. they will be helped to close the donut hole. host: how is medicare being looked at? guest: medicare providers will be cut by 2%. providers will be cut
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2